1. How many people can play at the same time?
The Explorer Room holds 6 and  Flashback to the 80's holds up to 9

​2. How long does it last?

Each event lasts approximately 70 minutes and includes a 5 minute introduction, 60 minutes in the escape room, and a 5 minute walk through after the event if you choose to see the rest of the puzzle solved.

​3. Is it scary/Are there Jump Scares?
These are not haunted houses, so in general no, there are no jump-scares.

​4. Do you host special occasions?
We love to do special occasions! Please call us at 541.409.8894 if you would like to plan a marriage proposal or birthday. With prior arrangements we will be happy to hide presents or a ring. This makes for a memorable event!

​5. KIDS ~how old do you have to be to do the escape rooms?
The age-requirement is 14 and up to be in the room without adults. Our Explorer Room, Carnival Room, Christmas Curiosities, and Flashback to the 80's themes are appropriate for all ages and 13-5 years of age can attend with an adult as long as they are supervised as our rooms are not child proof.  13 and under will be able to help with a FEW of the hidden objects around the rooms and partake in the awe of the surprises throughout the room but many of the puzzles require critical thinking skills and adults will need to be very very active in solving them. Keep in mind these rooms are made to be challenging for parties of 6-12 adults. For kids 14-17 we offer timed hints so that they have gentle nudges and are able to complete the rooms and have a great time.

​6. I'd like to schedule a special time for my work group/family/team builder. Is that possible?
Yes!! We are able to book custom times for double room bookings only.  

​7. Do you take walk-ins or do we need to schedule in advance?
We do NOT take walk-ins and we are not at the location unless there is a game booked. All escape room events MUST be scheduled online in advance. If you don't see an event time that suits you, you can trying emailing us at to make arrangements for a special time/date.

8. If we don’t book all the slots will we be playing with strangers?

You will never be in with strangers all rooms are private.

​9. How early should we arrive for our game?

You should plan to arrive promptly at the time of your event. Please be sure to use the restroom before arriving at our location! No  late admissions will be permitted in order to begin the game in a timely fashion. It is best to arrive together with your party slightly early so you may enter punctually.

​10. Am I really going to be locked in a room?

No, there is not need to have any anxiety over that. However, the point of the game is to find clues within the room, which often is contingent upon everyone agreeing that the door is "locked". Anyone who becomes anxious can leave at any point. There will always be a staff member moderating the rooms if there is ever an issue such as this.

​11. My friend is claustrophobic. How big are the rooms?
This has not been a problem. Though our rooms are small they are not fully enclosed and you are never locked in.

​12. Will there be a moderator in the game with us/Can we get hints?
There will not be a moderator in the room with you however they will be viewing on cameras. You are allowed hints. More information on this will be shared during a brief orientation before the game. Also at the end of every game you may choose to see the rest of the room solved. OF COURSE once within the "in-Crowd" we ask you keep the rooms' secrets to yourself so other patrons may enjoy the game.

​13. What should we bring with us?
You only need to bring your best wits and puzzle-solving ability. Nothing is allowed into the rooms. This means no food or drink, no flashlights, etc.  All items needed for solving the puzzles will be included in the room.

14. Are cell phones allowed?
Cell phones can not be used for photos or lighting. The use of electronic devices or outside tools are not permitted. You may keep them with you just be sure to not take them out during game play. No photos inside the rooms are permitted.

15 Am I liable is something breaks?

It depends. The rooms are designed so nothing needs to be forced. Though you will be signing viability waivers, accidents do happen. There is Video Surveillance in ALL the rooms and we retain all authority to use this footage to determine liability. If your are playing the game and something doesn't work . Don't force it and you have nothing to worry about.

16 What is the activity level for your rooms and are the wheelchair accessible?

If you have special needs please contact us and we can go over that on an individual level BEFORE reserving.