WE are hitting the road to BRING the mystery TO YOU

Covering Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, Roseburg and surrounding areas

Let the fun begin!

 We are mobile and ready to come to your event! Our spectacular and spellbinding mystery  tent awaits. All of our games can be ran at 15, 30 and 50 minutes anywhere from 2 to 8 hours for optimal customization for your event. Each tent holds up to 6 people. Are you wondering hmmmm "why cant you fit more?" Why we could and if you absolutely need to then we would be able to squeeze in 8 friends in (make sure they are all friends cause it is about to get real cozy) but our goal is to create a space of wonder and quality puzzles and find that 6 is the perfect amount for any 10 x 10 space.

Email us at and let us know a little about your event.  We cant wait to work with you!

PARTY TIME: Are you looking to add some pizazz and adventure to your next gathering? Does your birthday celebration need a little mystery? Anniversaries, family gatherings, weddings, gender reveal parties, and more. Heck we can turn any day of the week into something special. Let us bring laughs, puzzles and lasting memories to your next bash. Let us make your party extra.

TEAM BUILDING: Lets get those creative juices flowing. We can you help you boost up the communication skills in your company. Everyone get your thinking caps on and work together to solve puzzles, riddles and various conundrums. Large company with lots of valued employees? Well we can and will go big. For the competitive groups we offer 2 tents with the same theme and puzzles ran at the same time. Oh yes we are going to find out who works best under pressure. We are ready to plan your next event! * Team building events come with a recap packet that can be customized.

HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS: Are you throwing a festive shindig? Well have we got the puzzles for you. That crafty Elf on a Shelf is at it again and it is up to you and your group to save Mrs. Claus's holiday party. I can hear the sleigh bells now.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS: Would you like to take your fundraising event to the next level? Sure you do. Give your guests a fun option at your next event. An escape tent is a great option to increase donations and smiles.

PRICING: 1 tent, minimum 2 hours $350 and additional time is $100 per hour.

2 tent option for larger parties $600 first 2 hours and $150 and per hour after that.



Midway Mystery:         

Well it looks like you have found yourself transported to a carnival midway. It looks like your help is needed to find Ring Master Fizzbangs top hat. He just cant seem to keep track of it. We have it on good authority that it has been hidden somewhere among the colorful games along the Midway. The Ringmaster is about to step on stage so time is of the essence. I assure you that you will find perplexing puzzles and intriguing clues to master. Rest easy my friends you will NOT be encountering any clowns during your midway romp. They are far to creepy and have all been uninvited.

~This is our double tent option. Yes you heard correct 2 identical carnival midways with identical puzzles. they do however have different answers for those sneaky little eavesdroppers next door(tent). On your marks, get set, go. Let the race to the finish begin.

Christmas Curiosities:

Mrs. Claus and Elf on a Shelf have been friends for years. Every year they try to out prank each other. This year Elf on a shelf has outdone himself. He has the entire North Pole in a panic. He crept into Mrs. Clauses kitchen last week and swiped her prized golden cookie cutters. He said he has concealed them somewhere in her living room. She needs these cookie cutters for her famous holiday party and she is threatening to cancel! My friends will you investigate her living room and solve any riddles and puzzles the elf has left behind? I know Santa will rest easier knowing you are on the case.



A very merry Unbirthday to you, yes you.....unless of course it IS your birthday then A hearty congratulations on another trip around the sun my friend.

Oh my, I digress. I am here to tell you about a most important and mysterious mission that I need to recruit your team for. The lovely Miss A is beside herself. Her favorite shiny teapot has gone missing. She is faced with a curiouser room with even more curiouser boxes. On top of all that~ LOCKS everywhere LOCKS. Oh dear friends could you please help Miss A figure out this crazy mystery and find her teapot~ Afternoon tea is quickly approaching.

If you are feeling even more adventurous after you find Miss A's teapot each team will receive a most valuable packet that contains information regarding the disappearance of the teapot and who may be behind this dastardly deed. Gather with your friends use a little logic and deduce among yourselves who hid Miss A's teapot. They must be brought to justice you know.


ok ok not the real title but such a fun sounding one don't you think? Who knows we might keep it. My dear friends this is ramping up to be quite the experience. I am under strict orders not to reveal the details as of yet. Please check back and watch this mystery unfold.